Thursday, 4 October 2012

Weingut Hansruedi Adank

Wednesday, 03 October 2012

I was invited by Tom Lewis aka Cambridge Wine Blogger to meet Patrick Adank whose family owns Weingut Hansruedi Adank and who has kindly brought a bottle of the winery's flagship Pinot Noir for us to try. The tasting note can be found below and you can find Tom Lewis' take on the wine here.  

2010 Flascher Pinot Noir Barrique, Weingut Hansruedi Adank

Incredibly fragrant nose of sweet, polished oak, almost notes of sweet lacquer; vanilla, with a slight raspberry liqueur sweetness coming through, really leaping out of the glass, the oak is still so dominant at the moment (still pretty though). On the palate, good amount of fruit there, red raspberry and red cherries, but with a slightly unripe / tart tinge about it; fresh acidity, with some grainy tannic grip on the finish, nice filling mouthfeel; a food wine. In all, it feels very sophisticated & classy, a well made polished Pinot Noir; in style, more Central Otago than Burgundy.

After I had written this tasting note, we opened the 2010 Villa Maria Cellar Selection Pinot Noir (Cambridge Wine Merchants, £14.99) to compare; its a Decanter World Wine Awards 2012 Gold medal winner no less. And the styles couldnt be more contrasting - both were very polished, well made wine (and I can see how the latter won a Gold medal), but the Swiss Pinot was just prettier and more elegant than the Villa Maria, which in comparison, tasted like a big, punchy hello-look-at-me wine. And with a bit of charcuterie, cheese and bread on the table, the Swiss Pinot won hands down.  

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