Thursday, 4 August 2011


2010 Cono Sur 'Vision' Bio-Bio Valley Single Vineyard Riesling
Slurp £7.60. B+

Fresh zesty lime and lemons, zingy on the nose, very aromatic; even some peaches, but mostly citrus; some mineral too. Palate exceddingly fresh and limey and quite light, acidity is fat and lip-smackingly mouthwatering, slips through on the palate. Refreshing and very easy drinking.

2008 Canepa Reserva Privada Sangiovese Carmenere
Naked Wines £12.99 (current vintage). B

Jammy, cooked dark fruits, some violet and floral notes; fresh bitumen and tar also; but mostly dark fruits dominated by blackberry and black currants. Palate is fresh, lots of acid which is out of place, slight spice; feels hot, slightly overcooked and alcoholic; where is the ripe fruits that I get on the nose? Disturbingly low in tannins, threw no sediment whatsoever. Feels weird and disjointed, most unexpected.
This was better after being opened for a couple of hours; lost the harsh acidity.

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