Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Formal Hall

Brief notes of four wines during dinner. Sunday, 05 February 2012.

2009 Vina Casa Marin 'Cipreses Vineyard' Sauvignon Blanc.
Noel Young | B+

Had an excellent bottle of this a couple of years ago and kept one back to see how it'll develop.
Ripe gooseberry and some passion fruit with lots of floral touches; still herby, and quite a lot of primary aromas. Acidity on the palate still dominant, fresh and zingy; has lost a bit of the primary fruit, as I remember it; feels somewhat one dimensional now; was fuller in stature when younger.

2006 Saint Veran 'La Roche' Chateau de Beauregard
The Wine Society | B+

Citrus on the nose along with a slight hint of buttery and creamy notes, all in balance though. Fat acidity, very much rounded now; primary fruit is citrus but isnt overwhelming; the acidity, fruit and oak all perfectly in harmony now. Granted not the most complex of Burgundies, but very drinkable and great value.

1996 Coteaux du Layon, Chaume, Selection de Grains Nobles, Domaine des Forges

Sweet nose - honeyed acacia, golden syrup, candied / tinned fruits, doesnt hide its sweetness. Plenty of fruit on the palate, tinned peaches; sits heavy on the palate, there is probably a huge amount of sugar here, I'm guessing in the 150g/l range but still decent lick of acid about it.

1977 Quinta da Cachao, Messias, Vintage Port.

The nose opened with a varnish / lacque, almost turpentine notes, which settled down to a slight floral, but sweet ester nose. Must admit it was slightly disappointing on the palate, felt light, the fruit had faded; it was probably meant to be drunk about 10 years ago.

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