Sunday, 5 February 2012


Sunday, 29 February 2012. Three wines with dinner.

2009 Raats Family Chenin Blanc
Naked Wines £13.99 | B+

Sweet whiter fruits, floral touch; quite lifted, there's tropical notes of pineapples, also grapefruit and lemons. Fresh, vibrant acidity; lush white fruits; its fruit forward but theres decent texture; lively acidity, perks up the palate;  probably not fully dry, slight tinge of residual sugar. Rounded, great varietal expression, bac of the label says its a 'benchmark wine' and I do agree.

2008 Clos Saint-Michel Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc
Waitrose Wine £18 | A-

Lots of peaches, white fruits abound, nectarines even; sweetness of ripe fruits comes through; was surprised by the opulence of the nose. Ripe fruits and textured, good dose of minerality too; yes there's fruit but it isn't overwhelming; sustained width on the palate. Good presence; an impressive example of the type..

2005 d'Arenberg Vintage Fortified Shiraz Chambourcin

Shiraz on steroids: blackcurrant cordial, minty eucalyptus, concentrated wine gum, sweet spices of cinnamon and cloves too; a heady nose of christmas pudding doused in cassis. Textured and thick, theres tonnes of fruit, seriously extracted; also woody and winegum notes; decent acidity, doesnt feel flabby; well put together. Lush tannic grip at the end, this will age gracefully. This will never be mistaken for Vintage Port, but it certainly is a worthy substitute. Classy, such good stuff; drink now - 2020+.

1989 Messias Vintage Port

Classic nose - rose petals, quite floral but still showing decent amounts of primary fruits. Palate is soft and rounded; mostly soft tannins, juicy; mature in fruit expression. Perhaps not the most complex of vintage ports, but still immensely drinkable and shows hallmarks of what a vintage port ought to be. Drink now - 2017+.

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