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CUWS E12 - Beni di Batasiolo & Molino di Grace

Wednesday 16 May 2012.

A selection of wines from Beni di Batasiolo & Molino di Grace presented to Cambridge University Wine Society. The tasting note below follows the order in which the wines were presented, prices are retail (inc VAT) to London Wine Deliveries.

2007 Batasiolo Spumante Metodo Classico
£17.64 | B

A 75/25 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, methode Champenoise.
Touch of yeast and development, green appley, neutral white stone fruits. Very ripe and large, fat fruit dominates the palate, huge fruit hit at the beginning; doesn't feel fully dry, low acidity; feels diffuse and lacks precision. In all, good balance and of some interest.

2011 Batasiolo Gavi del Commune di Gavi Granee DOCG
£11.34 | B+

Bright stone fruit, peachy, with some floral touches; decent aromatics showing. On the palate its clean with relatively high acidity, very fresh and nervy; citrus dominated flavour, but its quite simple and one dimensional. High toned, cheerful wine.

2009 Batasiolo Barbera d'Alba Sovrana DOC
£12.06 | B+

Plums, bright fruit; quite jammy and sweet on the nose, sweet licorice and dried herbs; almost smells confected / commercial; quite hot and high alcohol? Bright acidity, sour red plums and cherries, quite light in fruit and body; its too fleeting for my liking. Light, cheerful, hardly any tannins, you could even chill this ...

2008 Molino di Grace Chianti Classico DOCG
£14.36 | B+

Dark fruit, some plummy character, smells ripe and sweet; black peppercorn with earthy touches, cherry liquer too. Palate shows high acidity, sour red cherries; decent extraction, some grainy grip towards the finish; nice presence. A more clean modern style, its fruit forward and not rustic; pretty but rather simple.

2006 Molino di Grace Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
£19.28 | B+(+)

Less primary fruit and brightness in the nose, replaced by some dusty earthy notes, sweet spice, peppercorn and herbs; theres almost a floral touch too, beautiful aromatics. More developed flavours, theres roudned red fruits but it takes back seat; mouthfeel is less edgy, much more polished, integrated feel; perhaps due to the time spent in barrels. Some grip at end, this will develop and open up with time, drink now- 2020+.

2006 Molino di Grace Chianti Classico Riserva il  Margone DOCG
£25.20 | B+(+)

Dark brooding nose, dark primary fruits with sweet vanilla and black pepper spice; quite stalky / woody, licorice. Lots of fruit on the palate, quite spicy and more obvious grippy tannins; feels bigger and more muscular; verging on being too extracted / trying too hard. I fear this is aiming for power and in the process losing some of its charm and elegance, perhaps time will temper it; drink 2016-2025+.

2006 Molino di Grace Gratius Super Tuscan IGT
£30.24 | B+(+)

Only Sangiovese, this is basically a Chianti Classico DOCG but for some reason (marketing perhaps?) is branded as a Super Tuscan IGT.
Dark fruit and brooding, quite jammy black berries; but there is some aromatic notes, its quite complex; warming sweet spice with blackpepper too. On the palate, dark fruit dominates with vibrant acidity; good concentration and integration of flavours, nice mid palate presence; quite rustic, isn't over extracted; charming style and distinctly showing more complexity. This needs to unfurl, drink 2016-2026. Really good wine, but why couldnt they just call it a Chainti Classico DOCG?

2007 Batasiolo Barolo Base Batasiolo DOCG
£21.17 | B

Red fruit, some aromatic high notes which almost piercing, red cherry liquer; dusted black pepper with woody overtones. Fresh, high acidity, sour red cherry, plenty of grainy grip, tannins very much alive and kicking; red primary fruit dominates, unfortunately quite simple and straight forward flavours; though still  representative of an entry level Barolo

2006 Batasiolo Barolo Cru la Corda della Briccolina DOCG
£37.93 | B+(+)

Slightly darker fruit, ripe and sweet; sweet fragrant oak coming through, vanilla and the slight charring of oak; then spice and woody aniseed notes; charming, beautiful nose. Fruit is good, more noticeable grainy grip, the oak again comes though lending a a fuller, sweeter feel; nice balance but hasnt reached its peak yet; needs time for the flavours to integrate and open up; drink 2015-2025+.

2006 Batasiolo Barolo Cru Cerequio DOCG
£34.91 | A-(+)

Sweet, red fruit, quite forward on the nose; touch of woody notes and slight coffee earthiness; attractive nose, exuding rustic charm. Sweet red fruit with high acidity, nice length on the mid palate; not exactly big but its very focused and long; lovely intensity, red cherries dominate with sweet spice. Elegant and very charming, good potential for mid term aging, drink 2015-2025+.

2001 Batasiolo Barolo Cru Bofani DOCG
£34.91 | B+(+)

Dark fruit, some earthy and woody notes. Good fruit, dark primary flavours; bit bigger and more muscular, deeper extraction with slightly less freshness and acidity; feels much firmer and dense. Not as pretty or expressive as its older brother, but still has some future ahead, drink now - 2015+.

2000 Batasiolo Barolo Cru Bofani DOCG
£34.91 | A-(+)

Dark fruit, but nose is dominated by secondary aromas - earthy truffles, mushroom and leather, theres also savoury meaty / gamey nose, perhaps even sweaty; peppercorns still there, plenty of development. Red fruit on the palate, nice acidity still, red cherry still so bright and lively; concentrated flavours, long mid palate, theres a touch of grip at the end reminding you its got a future ahead of it. Expressive and complex, feels supremely integrated and together, such balance and poise; great stuff, drink now - 2017+.

2010 Batasiolo Moscato d'Asti DOCG
£9.83 | B

Lively effervescence; very grapey, sweet apples, floral and honeyed notes; primary characters showing. A desert wine, its basically alcoholic sweet grape juice; simple flavours, very cheerful; clean, not cloying and flows nicely.

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