Thursday, 7 July 2016

Vina Casa Marin

Jakarta, 31 May 2016

A selection of wines by Vina Casa Marin. The wines are distributed in Indonesia by PT Dimatique International. Apologies for the quality of the pictures (more specifically, lack thereof), couldnt find a dry bottle to photograph for the whites.

2009 Riesling, Miramar Vineyard

Plenty of high notes on the nose: lemon and citrus dominates, then hints of kerosene and waxy lemon peel. On the palate, bags of citrus supported by racy yet juicy acidity; it is lip-smacking, mouth-watering stuff. So lively, fruit and acid really sings together; theres a decent amount of residual sugar but you really wouldnt notice it. A high wire act, so vibrant and bright, still rapier-like in its focus. Lots of life ahead of this, drink now - 2020+.

2011 Gewurztraminer, Casona Vineyard

On the nose: lemon some spritz and peel, maybe some green apple too? Citrus again on the palate, but it is wider and more generous; fruity acidity balances out the mid palate. Theres more weight too; feels more rounded and settled compared to the racy Riesling. Should make a versatile food wine. Will keep but dont think it'll improve, drink now - 2020.

2010 Sauvignon Blanc, Laurel Vineyard

Textbook aromas: green leafy notes, ripe gooseberry, then develops to sweet lemons; as it warms, the green peppers begin to show too. Good fruit profile on the palate, fruity acidity with some residual sugar left in the there; very generous on the mid palate, even hints of minerality on the finish. Still feels youthful, yet very together and assured in its expression. A gourmand wine, this is a seriously classy. Drink now - 2020.

2008 Pinot Noir, Lo Abarca Hills Vineyard

Nose is stalky almost woody, the herbal and vegetal notes wrap around the red plums. On the palate there are remnants of a sweet core of red fruit (plums and cherries), but it has developed with tiem and lost the sweetness, the acidity and tannins too fading away. Cool climate, not over extracted in style; a more restrained, ‘adult’ style Pinot; a gentle, food wine. Surprising fruit still left given the age, drink now.

2009 Syrah, Miramar Vineyard

On the nose, ripe plums and berries with lots of white pepper too; the nose is reminiscent of Northern Rhone reds from the ripe year. On the palate, fat acidity, really quite filling acid, so much so the fruit takes a back seat. Crunchy red fruit, like red cherries and currants; quite disconcerting in that the nose makes you expect something and the palate delivers something else. Age has lightened the fruit, but acidity carries through; might keep, but wont improve, drink now.

Overall impression

To be honest the reds were rather strange and I am not entirely certain why wines of this age were shown, given that the core fruit of both reds has faded away. On the other hand, the whites (which should be pointed out arent that much younger than the reds) were absolutely wonderful: the Gewurztraminer was Alsatian in style and a pleasure to taste, the Sauvignon Blanc a classy, gourmand wine. The Riesling was still so lively it reminded me of Mosel Spatleses. I have little doubt this Riesling will last well into the next decade. I've previously tasted and been impressed by Casa Marin's whites and this tasting just reinforces why they are deservedly so highly regarded.

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