Tuesday, 21 December 2010

General spirits

A few whiskies tasted at Cambridge Wine merchants lately, on the occasion of a book signing by Jim Murray.

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Dun Leire 8yo Single Malt. Cooleys, Ireland.

Flavourful for an Irish. Lots of notes of citrus, orange peel, oranges. Smooth (as all Irish should be). Ends rather abruptly, but hey, the rrp is below £20.

Octomore Orpheus 5yo. Bruichladdich, Islay.

Basically Octomore finished in Chateau Petrus casks, even the idea sounds insane. Colour is pinkish. Heavily peated, smoke is there, brine, seaweed, kelp and all that. Again the peat. Then theres some woody, fruit almost and even some tannins perhaps? It has a weird grip in the mouth, like an astringency. Sweet on the palate, weirdly fruity, I would say bubblegum but that sounds like heresy - strawberry and oranges? Lasts a while too. I feel that there is two things going on here - the peaty Bruichladdich and the Ch Petrus - but is it together? This is without doubt a crazy idea, but I remain unconvinced.

Chase Marmalade Vodka
Really citrus on the nose, honeyed, I could swear there is marmalade in this thing, bitter oranges. Actually sweet liquer, like cointreau perhaps? Its basically vodka and marmalade, put together. Would go well at breakfast I suppose. Or (more conventionaly) very cold neat / on the rocks.

Chase Vodka

Clean, straight through as vodka should be. Slight citrus notes perhaps (but that could be the leftover marmalade vodka talking).

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