Wednesday, 19 January 2011

CUWS Lent 11 - Felton Road

Selection of wines from Felton Road winery, Central Otago, New Zealand. Presented by Angela Reddin.

Felton Road Bannockburn Riesling 10

More floral, citrus, orange peel, blossoms, mangoes, touch of tropical. So much acidity on the palate, also its off dry, apparently 48 g/l, but really doesn't show it, just shows how much acidity is there. Balanced, plenty of fruits still. Like the style.

Felton Road Dry Riesling 08

Full lime, zesty, tang, really vibrant on the nose, lively, slight hints of organic. Plenty of racy acidity there, so bright, good minerality, reinforces the lime flavours, citrus. Seriously fresh, sharp, good edge. Will wake you up in the morning.

Felton Road Chardonnay 08

Plenty of white fruits, apricots, loamy, chalky, mineral notes too. Some depth, definitely toast, buttery, cheesey, lees contact? Full on the palate, plenty of fruits, good solid acidity but not aggressive, generous width, feels complex. Given that theres only a small fraction of oak treatment, this is seriously complex. Class.

Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir 09

Red fruits, cherry, raspberries to the fore. Perfumed, some violets, slight earthy and woody notes and herbs. Really juicy, nice big burst at the front, cherry dominated, then slowly dissipates, not sustained. Bit thin for my liking.

Felton Road Cornish Point Pinot Noir 09

Nose is very similar to the Bannockburn, if anything slightly more lifted, expressive and perfumed. Nice cutting acidity, plenty of fruits, cherries again. Acidity and fruit very forward, lacks finish, still delightful drinking. Described as being the 'mistress' of the two Pinots.

Felton Road Calvert Pinot Noir 09

Similar nose as before but not as expressive. Nice body, full, good width on palate, doesn't immediately explodes in your mouth but is sustained, excellent length and finish. Very together. Maybe more lean and restrained, but still delicious drinking. Probably will age well, one for the long run? Described as the 'wife' compared to the Cornish Point Pinot.

Felton Road Pinot Noir 01

Earthy, mushroom, mouldy notes, cheese rinds, farmyard, definitely developed, age shows. Gamey, rusty nails? some savoury characters, aged well, fruit still showing remnants, but is still together, still good acidity. Fully mature, don't think you'd get more by aging this. And considering these came from rather young vines, quite astonishing.

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