Sunday, 10 July 2011


Sunday, 10 July 2011. A small selection of wines tasted at Cambridge Wine Merchants, Kings Parade. Prices are retail by the bottle.

2010 Mont Rocher Old Vine Viognier
£7.50. A-

Incredibly aromatic, really leaps out of the glass at you; bags of sweet apricots, nectarines just all round white fruits; quite floral too, blossoms; really attractive nose. Palate is soft and rounded, could do with a touch more acid, but thats Viognier for you; white fruits still there. Slight pith and bitterness at the end to remind you its Viognier. Restrained, which is uncharacteristic of region, nice stuff - I would buy it just for its lively aromatics.

2009 Mount Brown Riesling, Waipara Valley
£9.99. B+

Classic limes and citrus on the nose, hint of kerosene perhaps even; straightforward. Palate is rounded, filled with citrus; touch of residual sugar, making it feel slightly off dry, but really covered by the refreshing acidity, minerally on the finish. Well made.

2009 Domaine de Cebene 'Le Bancels' Faugeres
£15.99. B+(+)

Plenty going on in the nose: dark fruits, brambles and jammy at first; develops into a gamey and savoury note, like cured meats, even some leather; also herby / woody too. Palate is full of dark fruits with good extraction, really still some grip to this, acidity there too. Evident complexity, all components very together, I think this will develop nicely with age.

2006 Domaine du Grand Cres 'La Cadela', Corbieres
£9.99. A- (interesting)

Bright colour, not your usual deep ruby; this looks more like an extracted Pinot Noir. Attractive red fruit on the nose, red cherries and raspberries; quite floral, violets; theres some herby notes too; vibrant. Palate shows plenty of ripe red fruits; rounded and soft, not over extracted, no alcoholic burn either. Very unusual style, elegant and nimble; you could almost drink this slightly chilled for barbecues.

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