Wednesday, 10 November 2010

CUWS M10 - Hungarian Wine

Tasting led by Mr Lucien Lanci of and all wines can be sourced from that website.
Apologies beforehand as the tasting notes are unusually brief - I've got a bit of a cold today. Can't be sure that I trust my palate 100% for this tasting.

Hungaria Grande Cuvee Brut

Mousse is a bit frothy, not refined, just bubbles away energetically without finesse. Good citrus, plenty of forward fruit, nice acidity too. Lasts a while actually. Not bad at all.

Frittmann Cserszegi Fuszeres

Mineral on the nose, almost chalky and loamy, touches of citrus. There's some wood there I think which the fruit isn't handling too well. Acidity is fine, but could have more fruit. Light food, chilled wine.

Archabbey Pannonhalma Sauvignon Blanc

Not new world nose, green apple and grass, some citrus, no gooseberry here, even oak on the nose. Plenty of acidity, really aggressive and pushes. Again there's some wood there, but takes it better. Not really balanced.

Boldogsagos Cuvee

Smells green, bizarrely so, mint leaves, parsley and cilantro, also mineral. Definitely oak there, too much in my mind, the palate lacks balance. Big style, needs more fruit, acid is there.

Frittmann Kunsagi Kekfrankos

Same as blaufrankisch, that bizarre grape grown mostly in Austria. Violets, quite woody on the nose. Fruit is thin, quite boring. Certainly not among the better blaufrankisch I've had. Green, leafy, tastes extracted but really lacks body and fruit.

Korona Ergi Bikaver

More traditional nose, lots of red fruit, and violets too, actually expressive. Bigger, but not as extracted, good fruit width, maybe slightly flabby. Generous on the palate though. Nothing remarkable again.

Heimann Szekszardi Barbar Cuvee 07

Plenty of fruits, dark, Palate is full and dense. Good presence, nice width, but not enough length. Everything is balanced, correct. This is the best wine of the night but not sure its worth the money.

Chateau Imperial Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 01

Proper tokaji nose, lively given colour, nose is of marmalade, citrus, and the botrytis too. Good presence, has sugar but plenty of piercing, racy acidity which is the dominant tone. Fresh, lighter style even for a 5 puttonyos. Very clean, light and not cloying.

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