Wednesday, 3 November 2010

CUWS M10 - Jorge Ordonez

South of Spain, near Malaga, the vineyards backs onto mountains and has views of mediterranean sea. Very steep slopes, all grapes are hand picked, sourced form very old vines with an average age of 70 years, some going back 100+ years. Vines grows straight from bedrock. All wines are made from Muscat of Alexandria.

Botani Seco 09

Very early harvest, late july, early august. Lifted, floral, white flowers and fruits, dainty, aromatic. Pineapple, tropical, even grape. Some oak treatment but really can't see. Palate is wide, oak treatment can now be felt, good acidity coming through. Fresh, lively, nice length and persistence. Drink young.

Victoria Conarta No 7 VDN 07

Again floral, lifted, smells sweet actually. Really intense, good depth. Seriously sweet, but extremely pure and clean. Lasts in the mouth for a long time. Very sweet but still lots of acidity, depth. Really like drinking raisin juice, with a good jolt of acid. Simply Superb.

No 1 Seleccion Especial 07

Not air dried, late harvest to achieve the concentration and not lose acidity. sweet fruits, dried fruits, apricots, blossoms. Candied fruits, so much acidity still runs through, cleansing, not heavy. balance.

No 2 Victoria 05

Slightly more alcoholic tones. All the right notes. Really good intense flavours, plenty of sugar again, feels heavier but still acidity runs through, thus not cloying. Concentrated by drying indoors. Really piercing pineapple acidity, more settled.

No 2 Victoria 06

Bit more jumpy, all the right flavours actually same as above but slightly more aggressive. Both absolutely beautiful. Both in excess of 200 g/l sugar.

Vinas Viejas No 3 06

Deep golden, more amber actually. Really old vines, 250 g/l, more grapes to a bottle. Smells of raisin, slightly more alcoholic nose, vanilla, dried fruits. Really pure fruit, apricot, quince, again plenty of acidity. Voluptuous, big, generous, so long. Really unbelievable intensity and such good presence, coats the mouth. Heavenly.

Superlatives all around, really pure fruits, all balanced with such good acidity, fresh, elegant and expressive of the place. Speaks volumes of the place, and of the people who make it. Superb.

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