Sunday, 21 November 2010

Formal Hall

Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec

Plenty of white fruits, green apple, pears even. Touch of yeast, biscuit, theres quite a bit if sugar there, maybe 20 g/l sugar. Nice together, clean, fresh.

Rolf Binder The Highness Eden Valley Riesling 09

Reviewed earlier in here

Luzzano 270 Rosso Oltrepo Pavese 03, Giovannela Fugazza

Plenty of dark fruits, woody, earthy notes, plenty of depth. Theres a bitterness, pithy, still quite tannic actually. Theres plenty of vibrant acidity as well, high notes starting to show through. Can't tell what grape this is, probably sangiovese and a few others, maybe cabernet, nebbiolo too? 20 pn, 75 barbera, bit of sangiovese.

Balthasar of the Barossa Shiraz 06

All the correct shiraz notes, mint, eucalyptus. Actually not over the top, but tannic, but still very big. Dripping with black fruits, blackberry, blueberry, plenty of depth. Concentrated, full.

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