Thursday, 24 February 2011

Formal Hall

Tasted Sunday, 20 Feb 2011.

Dona Paula 'Naked Pulp' Viognier 08. Mendoza, Argentina

Oddbins £11.99 A-

Still as crazy as when I last tasted this in Dec 2010. So much fruit on the nose, with white flowers, peaches, nectarines, some honeyed complexity too - it does smell like a sweet wine. Palate is full, textured and thick, generously coats and fills the palate, touch of oiliness too. Theres a hint of bitterness at the back, all in check. Its a big big wine - 14.5% and it still has a touch of residual sugar, this must've been really ripe stuff.

Ch. Villa Bel-Air 05. Graves.
Berry Bros £15 B+

Beautifully mature, good value claret. Aromas of cedar, cassis, dark fruits, touch of spice and tobacco, inviting. Palate is rounded, tannins have mostly resolved, fruits are just about there, mature. This is at its peak now, should hang on for another couple of years.

Kracher No. 1 Cuvee TBA 03. Burgenland, Austria.
Noel Young £25 (375ml)

Kracher never disappoints, really. Off the bat, the aromas are just jumping out at you, candied peaches, dried apricots, acacia, honey, marmalade. Palate is textured, luscious, proper TBA style, still nice acidity running through, not cloying. Simply beautiful.

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Tom said...

I'm a big fan of Kracher's dessert wines, too - lovely stuff, and you are right, he never disappoints.

Tried the Nouvelle Vague TBA No. 6 in London recently when Noel Young was presenting: