Thursday, 3 February 2011

CUWS L11 - Veuve Clicquot

VC Yellow Label NV

Plenty of zing and tang, lime, less of the yeasty / baked biscuit tones. Plenty of citrus notes, fresh, acid is nice and tingly, very easy drinking.

VC Rose NV

Touches of strawberry though not overpowering. Slightly bigger fruits, more clunky, theres some biscuit and yeast notes. Somehow doesn't feel together.

VC Brut Vintage 02

Richer, more buttery, bread perhaps, full, still citrus. Plenty of fat acidity, really quite piercing and sharp, palate is definitely full. Needs time, the acid seems somewhat overwhelming. I imagine this will be gorgeous in about 10yrs+ time.

VC Rose Vintage 04

More fruit on the nose. Palate is fuller than the NV, more concentrated, bigger fruits, just that much better than the NV. However, it doesn't quite jump out at you, have to work at it.

VC Rich Vintage 02

Touch more yeasty, more biscuit. Greater balance than the straight vintage, more ready to drink now, feels fuller on the palate. Dosage of 29 g/l, which is significantly more than the normal Vintage, really does improve mouthfeel, just that much rounder. Nice acidity still there, but not as taut or lean. Much more enjoyable now.

VC Demi Sec

Smells more sweet, floral? More sugar than the Rich, dosage is 45g/l, but not the length and presence. Possibly even to have with light deserts. Get the impression that this is unsure of itself.

VC La Grande Dame 98

Only Grand Cru. More biscuit, fuller nose, richer, yeast, brioche, really complex nose, absolutely fantastic, epitomises champagne. Still so much acidity running through, electrifying, so lively and fresh despite age, steely, still lean. Finish is disappointingly short, only the acidity remains. The palate doesn't live up to the nose.

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